Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hold on to your hangover!

So yesterday I was too hungover to ride. Great. Michelle did come down and stay the night, so it was good seeing her. We went to Hudson to get some Mexican food at Luchita's. Tasty treat. 

Today I slept in again, big surprise. The lady woke me up and we went to the Akron Art Museum and Spaghetti Warehouse. Goodbye rent money. Now we're showering up and then will be off to Sarah / Alyssa / Derrick's party and Jenny / Libby / Grant / Sans'. I'm sure I'll be hungover tomorrow, and pictures to follow of the mayhem.

After dropping Michelle off back in Parma I'm going to try to get some miles in the Metroparks around mom duke's house. We'll see.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy crap I forgot I had this thing.

I figure if I blog about my bikin' exploits I'll actually wake up early some days and do some riding. 

Was unusually motivated today, and decided to get out on the Cross Check. 

Decided to take a spin on the MUP off of Stow Munroe Falls Rd with the hope it would be abandoned; it was. 

All though I'm not a big MUP fan, I always really like riding on the ones in the greater-Kent area, such good scenery and stuff. 

I took the MUP all the way to Boston Mills Rd. and got to have a nice fast descent into the valley. I took this to Riverview Rd. and then a left on 303.

Here's where I get to complain about the wind. Big baby jesus the wind was fucking awful on this ride. Super stiff and swirling. Never was able to get a decent break. A minute of tailwind would give me a good ego boost and then it would be a miserable grind into the always-changing headwind. Woe is me. 

Once I got into Peninsula and got to Century, I ordered up some stuff for my Cross Check, i.e. a strip of rim tape and had to order a canti cable hanger. Not exactly the most goodies, but hey I'm broke. 

I ran into Taylor who was out on his Serotta. I finally got to check it out in person, and man it is nice. I think I got the motivation to put my fixed wheel on my Cross Check and take it out tomorrow. We'll see if that actually happens. 

I decided to follow Taylor back to Akron on Akron-Peninsula Rd. and what do you know: it was windy as hell again. I ended up parting ways with him and swung a left onto Portage Trail. Portage Trail was such a shitty climb. Emphasis on shitty. I must have been hitting the Christmas Ales a little too hard, and trying to get my ass up to the top of this hill killed me. Oh well, I got up it alive and was on my way. 

I got slightly lost in Cuyahoga Falls and had to call my roommate Jamey to bail me out with some directions. It turns out that I was actually on the right track. Quick left onto Bailey Rd and I took that to 59. I was home free. 

Grand totals for the day:
  • 43.39 miles
  • 2 hours 35 minutes
  • Average Speed of 16.67 MPH so freakin fast eh?
So I'm going to mess with some stuff on my Cross Check for bikin' tomorrow. I've got to set up the Surly track wheel I've got and put that on. I also need to put my Thomson post I've got and try to dial in all the good fit stuff.