Friday, May 6, 2011

Home Free

Made it back to the 'burbs last night at about 11. 12 hours to get home. Ouch.

23 hours of riding in the last 5 days = tired me.

Tired me = no blog updates.

Now that I'm at home and near the coffee machine I'll put some updates together!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Failure

The Cohutta 100 was a fucking disaster. No questions about it.

I started off the race tactically stupid and got worked over position wise. After that it was a nightmare from there.

The heat was something I was aware of and cautious about, but it still took its toll. Some days you have it and some you don't. I didn't have it, and short of pulling the plug, I decided to just treat it as a training race (albeit an insanely expensive one) and trudge on through. Finished in 8:27, which is about an hour off of my goal. I'll write about it a bit more later on this week.

On the non depressing front...

A buddy of mine is letting me use his cabin in North Georgia for the week. Holy carp it's awesome up here.

Rode a slow recovery loop over Burnt Mountain on Sunday, got 3 hours in on the MTB in Elijay in the Bear Creek and Pinhoti trails today and am waking up ass-early tomorrow to do Brasstown Bald.

All sorts of sweet power data and photos and ride reports to come. I'm getting a phatty suntan too.