Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't stop being my friend...

I did a time trial under my own volition. Oof.

Headed out with Rudy and Robert to the Leroy TT put on every Thursday at 6:30 by Jim Behrens.

My legs were cooked from 4 hours and half a pizza with Gartman earlier in the day, but with Tour of the Valley coming up I figured that I would need at least one race effort on my TT bike and all my matching spaceman costume.

The course was a pretty simple L-shaped out and back with a steep little kicker right near the turn around.

During warmup my legs felt horrible and I seriously debated not racing and helping Jim with timing or sitting around or bullshitting or whatever. But when it was go time, I decided to give it a crack.

Once I started rolling, my comptetitive juices or whatever must have kicked in. Either that or the pizza had unearthed itself from my stomach. I started going ok. My legs were cooked, so the little grade up to the steep kicker was really taxing on me, and I lost a ton of time from being unable to stay on top my gear. I kept having to upshift until I was probably in my 53/21 and spinning for dear life.

Felt ok on the home stretch. Tried my damnedest to keep the power down, but the old legs weren't exactly snappy.

Finished in 17:57, which I'm happy with. I'm thinking with fresh legs and more aero bullshit I can cut a decent amount of time off of that too. Plus it would help if I could turn my TT bike without killing myself!


Total Elapsed Time 00:17:57
Distance, mi 7.77
Work, kJ 342
Temperature, °F --
Average Power, Watts 317
Average Cadence 86
Average Speed, mph 25.89
Average Heart Rate 179

1 comment:

Jim said...

Come back often and try it again.
We are here through September, two drink minimum!
Good luck this weekend.