Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tour of the Valley Days 1 and 2

TT went well enough. Should have prerode the course as I goofed my pacing up a little bit with a few unexpected rollers here and there that got me.

Went out way way too hard, was able to settle into a decent groove and had to fight the mental battle of wanting to give up on the way back. Toughed it out, and after all was said and done:

9 miles
6th place cat three.

Shoulda did better but oh well.

Road race was a battle of attrition.

On the second lap of the race, a gap opened at the top of the first steep kicker before pancake hill. Worked like a dog to try to bridge the gap right before the KOM pancake hill.

Finally closed it at the foot of the hill. Oh happy days. Got over the hill ok and began cramping super bad and limped in super slow.

Oh well.

Gartman has phat GC points after having a phenomenal ride both Friday and Saturday, so seems like I'll be working for him in the crit tomorrow. He's my hero.

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